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The Cozy Farmhouse


We have this image of scrapbookers as married women with children, possibly stay-at-home moms looking to document their children’s lives. This is not, however, what the scrapbooking community looks like. Today it is made up of single women, working women, divorced women, and even men. Ali Edwards coined the phrase “life art” to describe what she did. It would look like scrapbooking to most people, but what Ali did was redefine scrapbooking as a way to see art in your every day life and to capture that art.

Above is a great example of the changing face of scrapbooking. Ann-Marie, the girl behind The Cozy Farmhouse, is a young woman. She doesn’t have kids, she loves music and her friends and her boyfriend. She bursts with an enthusiasm for life and it jumps right off her scrapbook pages. She finds interesting aspects of her life to document and save for posterity. She can turn her obsession with magazines into a beautiful and inspiring layout. Below is a layout she created to document her love for the singer Jason Mraz. I think this kind of daily appreciation and ability to find inspiration everywhere is something that would make a tremendous difference in the lives of everyone. This isn’t your mother’s scrapbooking, this is a life art revolution!


Ali Edwards


I thought that the best way to start this scrapbook blog is with some inspirational work by the incomparable ALI EDWARDS! This woman is truly amazing!


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